Sores On Tonsils

Tonsil Stone Pictures
Tonsil Stone Pictures

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Cure Tonsil Stones

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Prevent Tonsil Stones

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Treatment For Tonsillitis
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Brijpal says:

Sir mere mauth aesa hi image h kese Chek karvau ki normally h

umesh Roy says:

Tonsil problems

Heinz Rainer says:

Hi, Years ago I suffered from frequent tonsillitis infections. Treatment was always a course of antibiotics. It never cured my problem. When I met the renowned homeopath Toni, he explained the problem to me. After that, tonsillitis was no longer a problem. It involves simple remedies, based on plants and fruit enzymes. Problem lies mainly with nutrition. It simply needs a change in your diet. Well- let me tell you - ideally a diet of raw vegetables and fruits will be the best. But if you can't, skip red meat for a couple of weeks - months. After three months - once a week - is ok.- It serves the purpose of B12 shortage. Eat as little as you can. Additionally - eat 1 - 2 cloves of garlic on a sober stomach - eat it with a banana - otherwise your stomach will churn. More - half a glass of water - add 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1/2 lemon, 1/2 inch ginger root, blend well. All on sober stomach. Let me see if after 1 week your tonsillitis is not cured. Remember to skip meat, milk, and eggs during this period. Add as many fruits, vegetables as you can. - thank me later - -

Elaine Dominy says:

Those look like tonsil stones. Easy to get rid of, especially at that stage. I use a cotton swab and a fashion light to see better. Press against the side of tonsil and it will pop just like a pimple. Tastes gross but you can wipe off swab and push out as much as you can. Gargle with alcohol free mouth wash and hydrogen peroxide 50/50. Feel better almost immediately. Gargle with that often and check with flashlight every other day until better.

Racaille says:

I'm so sorry to the girl who Had this but this case must of been quite serve tonsillitis. I got told I had this yesterday Yuk! I have a question if someone could reply, No nasty comments please, I'm sure everyone has had tonsillitis at some stage of there life. Getting to my question can I try to remove some puss out instead of waiting for antibiotics to get rid of it. I feel extra sick at the thought of having a drink and possibly swallowing puss. If a doctor or nurse could answer that would be very helpfull. Also is a doctor removing some Bactria in this pix? Regards Racaille

muhammadrana says:

my mounth is same potion so how use madicen
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